Noriyuki Izuna



Noriyuki Izuna (飯綱 紀之 Izuna Noriyuki) is An old friend of Kagura and ex-fiancée of Isayama Yomi . He uses Kudagitsune, or spirit pipe foxes, to spy on people and fight.


Noriyuki has long brown hair and brown eyes. In the anime he wears suits and ties but in the manga he wears street clothes. It is said that he cut of all of his ties and suits after Yomi died.


Underneath his perverted and cheerfully helpless facade, Izuna is very powerful, able to fight on equal terms with Yomi. He is very knowledgeable on the subject of spirits and is skilled in hojutsu. He treats Kagura like a little sister and demonstrates concern for Kensuke. As Yomi's ex-fiance, he still had feelings for her. Behind all of his jokes and lecherous acts lies a man full of pity and self-loathing. In the anime he is more of a playboy than a pervert which angered his fiancée, Yomi, even though it is shown he does care about her. It is revealed that he was blinded from when Mitogawa poisoned his eyes and relyed on his pipe foxes to see.


Khakkhara: He fights with a staff similar to this and often uses it as a catalyst with his hojutsu. 

Pipe Foxes: On top of using them for spying purposes, he also can use them for attacks. 


Yomi IsayamaEdit

Noriyuki is Yomi's ex-fiancée. After Yomi died he changed his whole personality. It is shown that even after she died twice he still had feelings for her and was in guilt because he couldn't even save her once. He was fatally wounded after he saved Yomi from a stab meant for her in the manga. Yomi asked one of her protectors to sacrifice their life for Noriyuki, which turned him into a spirit. Currently he is living with Yomi.