Kyuubi (Nine-Tailed Fox) is a large monster the size of a city created when the ten pieces of the Seshouseki
came together. The might of the Kyuubi was unamaginable and therefore could be seen by ordinary citizens. Anything that touches the Kyuubi would desintigrate into nothing with an exception of Kensuke, for he was infused with the Kyuubi's power to be resurrected. Upon its back lies the host, in this case, Kagura, a single individual with their heart infused with the Kyuubi's own feelings and therefore will show no facial emotions. The might of the creature also grants the host unlimited power to grant their hearts deepest wish no matter how impossible it was, in Kagura's case it was the resurrection of Yomi as Izumi. The host is surrounded by several masks, which are the guardians of the host firing energy out of their eyes at any threat. Their faces are indestructible and provide the perfect defense system. After Kensuke found himself on the Kyuubi's back twenty feet from Kagura, he was forced to engage the masks in combat with his Michael Revolution. His primary goal was to slice the cocoon which held Kagura but could not reach her due to the masks' lasers and blocks. In the end, he willed enough love into his sword and unlocked the power to slice through space extending his attack behind the masks and destroying the cocoon freeing Kagura and defeating the Kyuubi.