Kagura Tsuchimiya



Always smiling, Kagura Tsuchimiya (土宮 神楽 Tsuchimiya Kagura) is the heroine of the story. She is feisty and ambitious and can put up a good fight with her spiritual beast, the Ga-Rei Byakuei (nicknamed Shirō), an  inugami who resembles a large white dragon.


In the anime Kagura has silky short brown hair with blue eyes and she is always seen wearing her school uniform. In the manga Kagura has blue eyes and her hair seems to have grown a bit. It hasn't been confirmed, but thought her blood type is B as suspected in a special 'Behind the scenes' of Ga Rei Zero.


The anime shows a younger Kagura. Originally a shy, dutiful and sad young girl. Her meeting with Yomi after her mother's death changed her life. She came to love Yomi, who treated her like a sister, and was under great emotional stress when she found out that Yomi had turned against the Agency and all of humanity. In the anime Kagura killed Yomi since she didn't have any other choice left.

Powers and WeaponsEdit

In the anime, Kagura receives Byakuei from her father prior to his death, and the Michael 12 and 13. The Michael 13, a typical katana with a trigger on the hilt instead of the sheath. The hilt acts as an ammo clip and upon pulling the trigger fires three heavy recoil shots from the end, increasing strength and speed of the slash. A secondary setting fires one shot at a time but at a continuously steady pace to create a 360 degrees slash to decimate surrounding opponents. At every three shots, a shell is ejected from the hilt therefore, the sword must be " reloaded" every now and then. During its first battle with Yomi, the gun clip was detached and left Kagura without the nessecary strength or power for offense. The "Michael 13" would later be destroyed in a second battle with Yomi, which is why Kensuke received the "Michael 12" instead of the 13.